by Sasha Abramsky - "An Emperor and his Enablers"

Posted by: ThomasinaPaine

After two weeks of public impeachment hearings, a few things seem remarkably clear.

The first is that Trump clearly subscribes to the notion that his personal interest by definition is the state’s interest. And, conversely, that the institutions of state have no greater duty than to tend to his every whim. Hence the vitriol directed at the whistleblower who used perfectly legal channels to voice his concern about the July 25th phone call. Hence the threatening, taunting, barrage launched against Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovitch and others who have testified before Congress. Hence the ordering of state department and other officials to simply ignore Congressional subpoenas.

The second is that the GOP now subscribes to the same Führerprinzip doctrine as does Trump himself. Watching Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan at these hearings over the past couple weeks gives one an idea of what the clacking, baying, Nazi politicians who willingly signed away to Adolf Hitler their legislative and oversight powers in the Reichstag must have sounded like eighty five years ago
. These Congressmen may not have literally sworn a personal loyalty oath to Trump, but in their actions they might just as well have. In their high decibel table thumping, their insults, their weaving of new ad hoc defenses each time old ones were torn down by witnesses, in their embrace of any and every conspiracy theory peddled by Trump, by Giuliani, by far-right websites and overseas trolls, one hears the death rattle of democracy.

The third is that evidence in an increasingly totalitarian political environment simply doesn’t matter to Trump and his enablers. (...)
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senior guru
" The third is that evidence in an increasingly totalitarian political environment simply doesn’t matter to Trump and his enablers "

completely unAmerican, all of the D.C. toadies.

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