Wide Disparity in Life Expctancy: UK: 89.1 years, In U.S. it's 78.87 years~ WHY ?

Posted by: ThomasinaPaine
There is a marked difference in life expectancy between the UK and the US.

In seeking exact data on this topic I discovered it varied widely, but one thing is certain: life expectancy is on the decline in the US and has been for the last 3 years, for the firs time since 1993. Many 'reasons' have been cited in the articles I read, but it is clear: the major reason is a huge disparity in access to healthcare due to income levels.

Weirdly when I checked the CDC "official stats" the article was written in 2019 yet reflected statistics only on 2016 backward, as if deliberately obscuring the most recent information.
Another article by CNBC blamed it on suicides, drug addiction and liver failure, without a single reference to the high cost of healthcare in the US.

The main reason is undeniable in the US: access to affordable healthcare. We spend more money on healthcare than any country in the world and rank 26th in quality of care, far below Hong Kong,(#1) Taiwan, Qatar and Cyprus, in life expectancy-- a few names that shocked me. All of which have state-funded healthcare as opposed to the US, which ranks #38, #39 if you count Cuba, which oddly didn't appear on the chart.

In the UK, the difference appears to be due to income levels and education, because the wealthy are more knowledgeable about healthy activity and better food choices, since the same level of basic healthcare is accessible to all.

If Trump gets his fingers on the NHS drug supply, they can bank on the same thing happening in the UK as here.

Interestingly Israel, where we ship hundreds of millions in tax dollars every year, has universal healthcare and ranks 12th in life expectancy.

Here's a Podcast on comparative data on these two countries that lays UK-US comparison out.

And an interesting world chart of life expectancy is here:

NOTE: No idea why the world chart stats on UK vary so significantly with info found in BBC article.

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senior guru

senior guru
I don't think it's coincidental that this decline occurred simultaneously with Trump's accidental election. Seriously. Life has been far more uncertain and stressful under Trump.


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