Why Germany is doing better than any other country in 2020 - Business Insider


"Now, as democracy is undermined from its heart by an out-of-control American president, a powerful China, and a vengeful Russia, one country — Germany — stands as a bulwark for decency and stability."

Normally we are too decent to show off. But this article is from an English economist and it`s a really good one.

We all wonder what will be after the nation`s "Mutti" Angela Merkel will leave offive.
Dear Americans: While you have a president, that announces he wont leave even if he looses, we have a chancelor that said " i wont be a candidate next time" Nearly TWO years before election. I call that responsible and decent.
Well, just the opposite of your miserable cretin.

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top expert

Quote: "Germany did not go down the "get rich quick" route of the US or other countries like the UK.

It managed to create wealth, while having a strong social safety net. It realized long before others that countries cannot be successful if regional imbalances are not tackled. Germany has had its longest uninterrupted run of growth for half a century, with the highest levels of employment since reunification and surging tax receipts. It has run surpluses since 2014 and paid down large amounts of debt, while still increasing spending and (prior to COVID) ensuring near full employment. For all its anxieties, the country continues to outperform its rivals.

I did NOT write that. A British journalist did.
CHEERS buddys smiley smiley smiley

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@Adrian88 I wouldn't take that journalist too seriously. He is a Brit, after all smiley


@Adrian88 just for the understanding:
"Pay down debts" is an english expression for give back money you owe someone.
Just in case the term has been forgotten in the US.
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