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"We Are Democrats" , well some are...

Posted by: Xx_Zedra
All you need to do is read through the 2020 Democratic Party Platform
to see the video "We Are Democrats" is candid, truthful, honest, forthright without any bias toward any race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, workers rights, environmental rights,marriage rights, etc

Without any deviation from the stated 2020 Democrat Party Platform, it is a great Fucking video, all should enjoy the work and honest effort that was put forth to construct this excellent piece of eye-candy. smiley


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This post has been closed.

The link in the post doesn't work but this one should. It's a pdf file.


The video reminds me of this one


Horrifying video! That is what they are really standing for. They should be prepared for what's coming in November. American people will kick their ass! smiley


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@JudgeDredd The video doesn't play, it's a screen shot.
Not a republishing.


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