WATCH: Man Caught Vandalizing His Own Car With Racist Messages (VIDEO)

Clifton Eutsey is an 18-year-old from Buffalo, New York who claimed his BMW was vandalized with racist and homophobic messages. The 18-year-old had the car for about a month until it was kept for evidence of the supposed ‘hate crime.’

Eutsey recalled the incident as, “I mean, I never thought that, like, I thought that was like stuff that happened in movies. Nobody do graffiti. It’s 2020. That don’t happen no more.”

Eutsey also said, “I stayed in this neighborhood over here my whole life. Like I always been over here. It’s a good neighborhood, like everyone knows.”

After his post went viral online, some questioned the incident and claimed Eutsey did it to his own car.

Eutsey responded, “Who does that to their own vehicle? Who does that? Nobody does that to their car. How are you going to get around if you mess up your car? How are you going to get around? Really? Thank you guys for helping me out, and I appreciate that a lot.”

Law enforcement investigators found that Eutsey secretly vandalized the car on his own and hoped to collect an insurance payout on damages.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said that the evidence was obtained by talking to witnesses and reviewing video.

A similar incident occurred when actor Jussie Smollett claimed he was victimized in an alleged hate crime incident.

WATCH: Man Caught Vandalizing His Own Car With Racist Messages (VIDEO)

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18yo and owns a BMW. When I was 18 all I could afford was a bicycle.
Now you're facing 7 years for felony fraud. I was dumb at 18 but not THAT dumb.



This is the result of not tossing Smollett in jail for faking his attack.

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@FemaleLotRfan83 Among many others.



Freakn Jussie Smollett wannabe it's real people out there dealing with real racism and homophobic issues!!!



is that appropriating white culture?


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