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Congrats to Judge Dredd on being the top user this month. Well done.

Also a shout out to FemaleLotRfan83 and Bread&Circus for sterling contributions.

Again, Delamitri rules the referral clicks.

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@😷just_box😷 Again, Delamitri rules the referral clicks.
where is Delamitri? I miss her input to the games.

@😷just_box😷 Frowns with determination and spreads happy glitter as she stomps back to her 'puter


Absolutely well done graphics, this is the judges essence (i think at least)

all thumps up!
smiley smiley smiley smiley

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@Adrian88 I am quite sure the Judge doesnt use YSL luggage.
The experienced Lufthansa Senator card holder of today has only one choice:
a bit expensive, but german.
like a mercedes

@Adrian88 I dont know about YSL or preference is the one and only Modobag

Although, I would also consider a ForwardX AI self following suitcase smiley smiley

@JudgeDredd woooooooow!
i want a modobag, i want a modobag, i want a modobag!


smiley Thats funny !!! smiley I am gonna put this in humor where it belongs smiley smiley


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