US election 2020: Why it matters so much to Germans - BBC News

Why we care for an old friend that took the wrong path.
I am happy this is a British BBC article. Not German nor American.
And why Trump is an international laughing stock. worldwide.

US election 2020: Why it matters so much to Germans - BBC News

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This picture`s body language tells it all. An angry stubborn idiot baby amongst adult leaders. Priceless.
Mommy is not happy with you Donny, not at ALL!!

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@Adrian88 Please don't make me defend the orange clown.
The photo was not in anyway how it seemed. They were having a simple discussion, about nothing after Trump agreed to sign something.

A news reporter took this picture at this particular time and used it as mud to throw against the wall, to see if it would stick.

Ugh. Now I have to go shower, after defending him.


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And KOT, tell your Master that US fracking gas is of so low quality and high transport cost because your LNG facilities dont exist yet that we couldnt even buy it if we wanted it.
How often do i have to explain the oil and gas world to you? Europe already bought gas from the Soviet Union in cold war times and there NEVER was a problem.


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These are official NATO data.
Germany and France pay more for the NATO (25 billionUS$) than the US (22 billion US$) -and have not half the popultion together compared to the US.
What is wrong with you KOT that you believe any rubbish pouring from your masters mouth instead of fact checking them?
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Germany needs to pay its NATO bill and quit buying gas from one of the major countries NATO is suppose to protect it from. No wonder TRUMP looks so unhappy in your picture.Countries need to stop abusing the USA and pay.

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@kingoftrump Read the article KOT and stop repeating that nonsense.
We pay more per head for NAto than the US.
Thank you!


@Adrian88 since it is based on gdp all you did was deflect.


@kingoftrump Especially 4 u i posted simple and easy to understand graphics. Nice , isnt it?
Abused? The US? Oh dear, you have been soooooo abused by all other countries for at least a MILLENIUM if not two!!! so goooooood you have an orange hero now protecting you ... awwwwwwwwww. maaaaan.....
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@Adrian88 The term is not abused, it's USED.

The article you posted clearly states even your economic powerhouse still refuses to even pay it's share the government agreed to towards defense spending and yet you wanna loudly thump your chest and also say that Germany AND France TOGETHER pay more of the NATO budget than the US does? So friggin what?

Now that Germany is finally paying its actual share to NATOs budget, yet still committing less than agreed to is terms of defense spending and yet you want to boast about that?

Man oh man, I sure don't get your logic in making such boast!

And, the article also claims another major rub is our move to withdraw troops from within Germany and you somehow even feel some political right to whine about that?

Since when is the wiothdrawal of US troops currently on German soil anything but a sign that after 75yrs there it's about damned time you guys assumed the complete role of defending YOURSELF as a nation and stop depending on the US for it!
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