Thomas Gallatin: 'Schiff Show' Roundup: Dems Get Cold Feet? — The Patriot Post
Recent polling shows Americans are turning against impeaching Trump.

So, where does the impeachment play go from here? Recent polling shows that Democrats aren’t winning over Americans, as a clear majority of voters are now opposed to impeaching Trump. It has become clear to most Americans that the Democrats are engaged in a purely partisan effort, no matter how loudly they claim otherwise. Democrats’ repeated calls for Trump’s impeachment began before he was even sworn into office, totally undercutting their insistence that their intention is anything but a calculated hit job aimed at damaging Trump’s reelection bid.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now must scramble to keep Democrats from abandoning the impeachment ship. There are rumors that Pelosi maybe considering backing off holding an impeachment vote, as a trial in the Senate would serve to further expose Democrat shenanigans that are responsible for orchestrating this whole ridiculous affair. The trouble for Pelosi is that if she doesn’t hold a vote, she risks angering her party’s leftist base. It would look exactly like what it would be — a win for Trump.
Thomas Gallatin: 'Schiff Show' Roundup: Dems Get Cold Feet? — The Patriot Post
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