The terrorists have won . . .

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maaaaaan what a rubbish smiley smiley smiley

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@Adrian88 It's all just partisan fake news smiley
Bin Ladin was really just a SJW trying to level the playing field for the oppressed right?


I say the same thing with our computer and network security efforts. The Hackers have caused government and industry to spend billions to (ineffectually) counter their efforts to access incredible amounts of information that, for the most part, no hacker would care about if they actually were able to access and steal it. If they never broached another network, they'd have already won, by bleeding us with our time and resources wasted in vain attempts at preventing further incursions to ANYTHING, since there is no such thing as an "acceptable" cybersecurity risk in today's environment.




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You do know that Terrorist and Muslim are not the Same Thing, right?

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@Slayerzilla54 You do know that bin Laden was both a Muslim and a Terrorist, right?

@TRCIII let's not forget to mention a CIA asset.

@Slayerzilla54 List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days.

@PureVodka🍺 GREAT paper. 2019- there were 1750 Islamic attacks in 54 countries, in which 10407 people were killed and 10690 injured. smiley

@manditoe 10407* When they (the Gov) say it is a religion of think there lying...

@PureVodka🍺 "2020.02.09 Nigeria Auno 30 killed 18 injured Thirty motorists are burned alive in their cars by Islamists who also kidnap women and children." ...This is pure evil... This is what the MSM (Gov run) will " never " tell you about!!!

@PureVodka🍺 That list is a joke. There were more US citizens killed in either LA or Chicago alone. And those are gun free cities!


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