The United States Women’s National Soccer Team Is Done Protesting During The National Anthem | The Daily Caller

The United States women national soccer team will no longer protest during the national anthem. Crystal Dunn said they're past that phase.


The United States Women’s National Soccer Team Is Done Protesting During The National Anthem | The Daily Caller

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@Bread&Circuses That's it! That's the spirit! She is my HERO! smiley


@Bread&Circuses She's probably one of those idiots running around saying "All Lives Matters", like a blabbering idiot.


@MPA2000 The worse thing than saying: "All lives matter" is saying: "Black lives matter". Only people with black holes in their heads fall for the slogan.


@Omenomen Omen.....didnt I mention yesterday that "everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law"? smiley smiley

Behold your own statement: "Wait a sec... Presenting a black hole as a white dot...Isn't that racist?"

If you considered that comment racist, why didnt this comment registered as one as well?

Just curious.... smiley


@JudgeDredd Since I was born everything was against me smiley


@Omenomen I am going to refer that statement to our esteemed resident psychologist. I am rather curious on her determination (Good Luck, you are going to need it) smiley smiley


@JudgeDredd You think she would be able to make something of me? smiley


@Omenomen Something of a test case for a PhD perhaps? smiley


@MPA2000 White Lives Matter.


@MPA2000 Don't "All Lives Matter" ???


@Lodestar If Blacks lives don't matter, then All lives can't matter.

It's not a hard concept, at least for those with an IQ above 80.


@MPA2000 The slogan 'Black Lives Matter' is 100% disingenuous in it's conception and use.

"All Lives Matter" is a simple inclusive, moral truth; You believe otherwise is your prerogative and your loss.


top expert

I am waiting for Bready to post the famous picture of a girl who is standing during the national anthem, while all her friends are taking a knee. She is a hero!

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@Omenomen yep, he always does.


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