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Texas Toast Grilled Bologna Sliders! (With Tennessee Cow Chow)

Take a package of frozen Texas Toast and grill both sides golden brown! (That's all 8 slices) Set aside...

Take 8 slices of "thick sliced" bologna and cut a total of 4 slices around the edges about a 1/2 inch in from the sides. Fry the bologna golden brown on both sides. Turn off the griddle and add your favorite cheese. Let it set for 1 to 2 minutes.

Make a mixture of mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard.
3 tbsp. mayo and 2 tbsp. spicy brown mustard...
Spread it on 4 of the 8 slices of Texas Toast after you grill them. Then add some leaf lettuce.

Now put 2 slices of cheese topped bologna on each piece of toast.
Add a thin slice of tomato... then top it with plenty of the secret ingredient ....Tennessee Chow Chow!

You can use any Chow Chow if you can't find Tennessee Chow Chow but.... it ain't as good! Lol

Cut the sliders in half and serve with chips and dill pickles!

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senior guru
Man, fried bologna sandwiches, that brings back memories!


Gotta love Shotgun Red, even if the cholesterol is going to take him away to early...

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senior guru
@oldshuntr Well I pray ShiShi practices the Cowgirl position!


top expert
Must be Martinsville this weekend.

There is though, a hidden food treasure at Martinsville Speedway. For six bucks, you can have the fried bologna sandwich. Two slices of break smothered in melted butter to toast on the grill. Thick cut fried bologna with crisp edges and heated all the way through. Melted cheddar cheese and sautรฉed onions smothered all over.

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