Study finds conservatives with a need for chaos are more likely to share fake news

New research provides evidence that a lack of conscientiousness and a desire to cause chaos both play an important role in the spread of misinformation online. The findings, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, offer "a more nuanced account" of the relationship between political conservatism and the tendency to share fake news on social media. ...

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More typical liberal projection.
They know they can't fool us, so they keep fooling themselves and their useful idiots.

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@Bread&Circuses Are you all right, Bread? I have heard this sentence from you so many times. I am seriously worried. Maybe it's time for you to step down.


@DonRobusto💉M.D. He says it because it's the truth. Not everyone has their head stuck up their asses.



One only buys into this type propaganda if they're unable to discern that MSM Networks are bought off by the likes of George "NAZI" Soros, who loves chaos & does all he can to create division in his goal to take down the U.S.

If such a study has been done, it's apparent those involved are either ignorant of the lengths Communists will go to in creating these false narratives, or they're just as rotten to the core as those behind this Soviet-Era indoctrination.



In line with previous studies, the researchers found that politically conservative participants were more inclined towards sharing fake news stories compared to their liberal counterparts. But this appeared to be mostly driven by conscientiousness, a personality trait characterized by orderliness, self-discipline, and impulse control.

Low conscientiousness conservatives were particularly likely to share fake news. Among those with high levels of conscientiousness, however, there was no significant difference between liberals and conservatives.

I think reading more carefully makes the title a bit wrong IMO.
It concerns both the American parties.

In fact there were many studies, more serious about this from both philosophers and shrinks (i don't use it as derogatory) that dogmatism and totalitarian thinking lead the propaganda and lying methods. So fake news is just a terminology concerning our stupid ways to believe everything we read in internet and the inability of Academics and Governments to take over in this area.
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