Saturday's Fun Fraud Facts: Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn't Even Try to Hide Their Fraud

Today’s fun fraud facts from reader Terry P.

1) Biden won a record low 16.7% of counties in the US but had the most votes of any presidential candidate ever. 10 million more than Obama.

2) Voter turnout for every election in the past 100 years fell within 2 standard deviations but 2020 was above 3 standard deviations. This should happen roughly 1 in every 2,666 elections and is 99.7% indicative of voter fraud.

As we reported earlier — In the last 100 years every election fell within 2 standard deviations.
The 2020 election scores above 3 standard deviations.

That is to say, statistically speaking, we have 99.7% certainty on the November 3 that turnout would be between the two dashed green lines.

But it wasn’t.
And not only had this NEVER happened before in US history, but we have also NEVER been outside 2 standard deviations before!

Look at the voter turnout for Barack Obama. It was above average. But Basement Joe HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!

You can only expect to be outside of 3 Sigma, .3% of the time.

That means 3 times in every 1,000 elections or roughly once every 1,333 years!

3) Republicans won all 27 “contested” House seats but lost the presidency?

The last election where that happened with even 10 seats was the heavily fraud riddled election of 1960.

4) The winner has always carried 15 or more of the 17 Bellwether counties but Biden won just 1 of them.

5) Trump had the highest % of non-white votes of any Republican in history.

6) Biden was down more than 10% in NY but up huge in very specific large cities –but only in the big cities in battleground states.

7) 450,000+ ballots in battleground cities had a vote for only Biden. No down ballot votes cast, no independents, green party or write in candidates voted for on those ballots.

Saturday's Fun Fraud Facts: Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn't Even Try to Hide Their Fraud

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Those and many more.

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@Omenomen I was about to comment :
On and on and on . . .


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And he is so immensely talented that he can virtually make the hairs on his legs float up to attention under water. They never saw the 70+ millions for Trump voters coming, idiots. smiley

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@Sƙყ I can do that!


@Sƙყ Delusional as usual. Trump lost, his voters lost and 39 cases lost because all the "proof" is Fake News.


@RingCat As usual? oh darn, I thought I was delusional only from Sundays to Saturday.


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@nbachorn519 I'll point out to you again that a tweet that cannot be verified is just ridiculous as proof of anything.

Verifiable fact on the other hand carry more weight.

Dems alone requested 1,941,436 mail-ins...Rep requested 785,083. Total requested mail-in ballots in PA 3,088,123


@RiverTam So 200k trump voters didn't send in their requested ballots(seems legit) but every single one of sleepy creepy bidens sent thiers back & OH 50,000 more than who'd asked for it, just for good measure!!! your verifible facts as stated, thanks for the extra proof..


@redhitchy Sighs smiley smiley
It's not rocket science. The Con in Chief convinced his Trumpians that Mail-in.... in person.... vote in person catch Covid good.
87.7% of Dems returned their ballots and 79.4% of Reps did as well RiverTam_5913_PA_Mail-in


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