Restore American Glory » Ohio High School Suspends Two Football Players for Waving Pro-Police Flag

According to local reports from Morrow, Ohio, a high school in the area has suspended two football players from the team after they defied warnings from the administration telling them that they could not fly a flag honoring first responders at a game held on September 11th.

“When the Little Miami High School football team took the field Friday, Sept. 11, a couple of players carried alongside the American flag a Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags,” reported WKRC-TV. “The problem is, the boys had asked the school permission prior to the game and they were denied and told if they defied the order, there would be consequences.”

According to the report, students Brady Williams and Jared Bentley simply wanted to use the anniversary of 9/11 to honor police officers and firefighters – a thing that used to actually be a thing we did in the United States. Their desire to do something commemorative was only compounded by the fact that Williams’ dad is a cop and Bentley’s father works for the fire department.

“I was all for it,” Bentley told the news. “Because my dad is a firefighter, and if it had been him killed on 9/11, I would have wanted someone to do it for him.”

“I don’t care what my consequences are,” Williams said. “As long as my message gets across, I’ll be happy.”

That kind of spirit is lauded when a football player wants to kneel for the anthem or a Goodyear employee wants to put a BLM pin on their uniform, but of course we can’t tolerate any high school students taking the radical position of supporting first responders.

“We can’t have students who decide to do something anyway after they’ve been told that they shouldn’t be doing it,” said Superintendent Greg Power. “We did not want to place ourselves in a circumstance where another family might want a different flag to come out of the tunnel, one that may be [one that] many other families may not agree with from a political perspective.”

Frankly, if you “disagree” with honoring police and firefighters on 9/11 “from a political perspective,” you don’t deserve the respect of having your opinion pandered to. We know that it’s all the rage right now to defund police and refer to them as the modern-day progeny of the old slave patrols, but let’s get serious here. These are extremist positions that make no sense outside a very narrow, idiotic ideology (that has, for some reason, captured academia, the media, and thug rioters from coast to coast).

Good for Brady and Jared. Their courage in the face of idiocy will take them further than football, we have no doubt.

Restore American Glory   » Ohio High School Suspends Two Football Players for Waving Pro-Police Flag

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I don't agree with them being suspended. It is ok to support police and fire fighters, you know. It doesn't have to be all hate for them. While I agree that changes need to be made in regards to police brutality, I don't believe that all cops are bad. The majority of them are good people who just want to help their communities. These boys did nothing wrong in my opinion and as a matter of fact, they have been re-instated.



First responders also includes medics and firefighters. I guess the school admin hates firefighters and people who tend to the wounded.



the problem i see stems from the kids asking permission, must have been taught that by their parents.......... how dare they be respectful. they were told no they couldn't.......... whether they were told why they couldnt doesnt matter. so when they chose to do it anyways was the issue i guess, although the argument used is a weak one. apparently the lesson here is next time they should just do it. the saying sometimes its better to beg permission rather than to ask permission. also weighing the fact that 9/11 is considered a national holiday i believe, the current actions are ridiculous in the scheme of things.



Good. Best to nip in the bud while they are young enough to learn better.

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@MPA2000 Every subversive anti-law liberal such as yourself always turn to the police for help at some point in their lives.


@Bruce Jenner Yeah, that's right. Because, you know, they're supposed to help everyone apparently. smiley


@Bruce Jenner Yeah it's their job. Der.


@MPA2000 That's right, bud. It is their job.


@Bruce Jenner A shame they don't DO their forking job, "bud".


@JadeEnigma They have been doing their jobs just fine.

It's the infantile liberals that are the problem. They are taught that crime is good and that all criminals are innocent.


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