Restore American Glory » Mozilla: We Must Do MORE to Silence Wrongthink on the Internet

While critics ranging from anti-Putin activists in Russia to the ACLU have expressed deep concerns about the level of unmitigated censorship power enjoyed by the Big Tech cabal in the United States, at least one company thinks that recent actions by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple haven’t gone nearly far enough in silencing political wrongthink.

In a statement, the Mozilla Foundation – the parent company behind the Firefox browser, argued that Big Tech needs to do more to change the “dangerous dynamics” of the internet.

“This week we saw the culmination of a four-year disinformation campaign orchestrated by the President,” Mozilla wrote. “We have to acknowledge how the internet was misused to get here.”

If Mozilla put out any statements decrying the dangerous disinformation that led to the BLM riots of last summer, we sure must have missed it. Then again, a lot of that disinformation was spread directly through old media networks like NBC News and The New York Times, so maybe that’s why this internet foundation was slow to notice.

In the article, Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell Baker went on to claim that the “rampant use of the internet to foment violence and hate, and reinforce white supremacy is about more than any one personality.”

After reciting the usual rhetoric about how terrible the president is, Baker called for those in charge of the internet to find solutions – most of which seem geared towards cracking down on freedom of speech.

“We need solutions that don’t start after untold damage has been done,” she wrote. “Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.”

Among her suggestions:

Reveal who is paying for advertisements, how much they are paying and who is being targeted.
Commit to meaningful transparency of platform algorithms so we know how and what content is being amplified, to whom, and the associated impact.
Turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.
Work with independent researchers to facilitate in-depth studies of the platforms’ impact on people and our societies, and what we can do to improve things.
It is not surprising that Big Tech has used the events at the Capitol to indulge themselves in a mission they were on long before last Wednesday: To silence anyone left-of-center, anyone who criticizes progressivism, and anyone who isn’t absolutely thrilled with Silicon Valley’s total and complete capture of the public square. Not surprising, but it ought to be very disturbing.

Restore American Glory   » Mozilla: We Must Do MORE to Silence Wrongthink on the Internet

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The usual Marxist solution. Silence them all! Next stop...Concentration camps with Zyclon B showers.

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@CanyonD It was pesticides, bud. There's no evidence to prove otherwise.


@Bruce Jenner The active ingredient of Zyklon B is hydrogen cyanide, which has been stabilized with a carrier material and additional chemicals - to ensure safer handling.
It was mainly used in Auschwitz-Birkenau on a large scale for industrially organized mass murder.


@DonDillermand ...less in other concentration camps. And yes, it was originally developed and used as a biocide.


@DonDillermand What is Zyklon B's history of use in the U.S. ? I've heard a little bit and have heard different conspiracies what have you found? (That's another ugly fact I know now about concentration camps.I think the scientific expieriments are among the most disturbing acts done in the camps especially the "studying" into twins relationships and the expirements done to them and how these "scientists" got away with everything for the most part because they were determined assets and then hired instead of punished by US gov. and then put to work and protected from harm or retribution as well by hiding them in various undisclosed locations across the country and apparently the world in the ladder years.)History of humanity is a deep dark rabbit's hole...


@DonDillermand The Gulag is a much better story, though the shekelsteins generally avoid mentioning their attempted genocide of the Russians.



I agree with this article. USA should make the internet in the image of chinese which should be overseen by big tech. Censorships already in palce. Just made death camps for anyone who does not vote Democrat.

Very soon media will begin its coverage. The sun will shine out of Bidens ass, while more innocents die in American's new age of terror.


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