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SO I was looking at random vids after watching a post on here about Is an Alien Spacecraft Hiding in the Kuiper Belt? | NASA's Unexplained Files where they describe how being in an artificially created gravity ship would appear. blobs with tentacles and then I went to bit-chute and saw a weird video on the vaccine. Ok all jokes aside, this one really had me going WTF. It's called DR FRANC ZALEWSKI DISCOVERS A GROWING LIFE FORM 'THE THING' IN A PFIZER VAXX VIAL

Enjoy and please don't all jump on the wagon of "Omfg!!! we're all gonna become like Eddie Brock".

There is no way to tell if any of this is true but it sure is interesting and will probalby scare the pants of some :)

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This Madej woman is a QAnon believer. The very same doctor who believed tinfoil-hat stories about a cannibal restaurant, and thinks Bill Gates is behind a covid conspiracy to control our minds with the vaccine.
There's nothing that fraud can tell anyone that could or should be believed.
She's obviously crazy. Having obtained her medical degree makes her no more believable. She's been big on the psycho conspiracy train for quite a while and is obviously drinking the Kool-Aid. smiley
I'm not going to comment much on the Alien ship idea. I mean, there are many things that can cause gravity anomalies in space. A lot of it, scientists are still learning as they find new things and our technology advances.
I want to believe in alien life too, but don't believe everything you see.
Here's a link on Madej, just in case you're interested.
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@⍟LiviaD34D⍟ I found Dr Franc Zalewksi here, he was talking about things found in meteorite samples ( I think it was around the 29 minute mark) he claims they are alien life forms, so not yet sold on any of this but yeah I want to know more on Madej so I am looking.

And I've actually seen a lot of your posts and I got to be honest and say I find you seem to stick with one viewpoint and simply rubbish anything that doesn't fit your beliefs. Don't feel insulted, not my intention, it's just I am big into Quantum Mechanics and I can tell you without question that reality is not as straight forward as one might think and that everything (no matter how bizarre) is very possible but only to the one observing.

It's nice to think there is a world we all experience as the same thing but each of us may have a very different realm and we can never know the other, so my perception of you is probably not in the slightest bit true and only the way it is for me because of the limitations in my ability to translate what is being communicated and vice versa.
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@51NN3R Sure, a lot of things are fun to wonder about, but people are killing others over these vaccine conspiracies now. It's out of control.
You might be surprised how many things I believe and am willing to consider. I just won't hesitate calling BS on some things.


senior guru

Because a filter replaces letters in the word Bitch with **, you have to correct the link to reach the page.

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The plot thickens, Also found this in researching the same topic DR CARRIE MADEJ MD - IN THE VIALS, SOMETHING WITH TENTICLES GREW AND MOVED (9-29-2021) of course it's on bit chute too.

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@51NN3R See the links I posted. Madej is crazy.


@⍟LiviaD34D⍟ I will buy a Microscope and look for myself because so far a lot of the conspiracies have turned out to be true, An example here Two renowned German pathologists, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang confirmed the content of Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher’s report on the links found in autopsies between the Covid vaccine and the increasing number of deaths in vaccinated individuals.

You see; my wife has taken 2 doses of the Pfizer and is showing all the signs I am hearing about, I fanything happens to her, I will explode but for now I need to keep investigating :)
I am probably going to get on your nerves, if I haven't already done so. Good night Liviad :)


@51NN3R I'm sure there have been more cases of vaccinated people getting sick and dying since the vaccine came out. Considering that, before it came out, there wasn't one to build those statistics on. Also, it's been known from the beginning that vaccinated people could get covid. Just like those who had it and got better can get it again. Not everyone builds as strong of an immune response as some do. But the vaccinated people dying are far in the minority of those dying who are unvaccinated, even if the conspiracy sites want you to believe otherwise.
I hope your wife remains healthy. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands, etc.


@⍟LiviaD34D⍟ In the video where they have discovered tiny metalic objects and things that look like chips in the vaccines. It's best to start 1.52.18 to see the real time footage of what is being found. If anyone watches this and still think that governments are acting in their best interest , then they are blinded by fear of being questioned or complicit.

I can show you how and why masks do nothing outside of stopping you from touching your face (due to micron measurement being far smaller than the spaces between fibres). Washing hands is always good advice.

Also when it comes to death count of the vaccinated/unvaccinated. Deaths of those vaccinated are counted as having died of covid if they have not reached 14 days into having been vaccinated and there is much more that I know you have seen on this site alone.
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@51NN3R Yes, there is so much information coming from the conspiracy people, but try and remember that there are a great number of people creating it.
And most of it has been debunked.
It probably won't be long before the rest of it is as well.
With this information, both the seemingly ludicrous and the marginally believable, constantly being proven to be wrong, and the conspiracy people refusing to acknowledge when it is, they all just appear to be nut jobs who will believe whatever the completely untrustworthy far-right tinfoil-hat sites say, but ignore the opposing science when it proves them wrong.
For instance, -assuming this thing they claim to have seen in the vaccine is not a complete fabrication- if someone explains it to be something else entirely that is normal and not harmful, and there is good science to back that up, almost all of them will completely ignore that and say that it's lies and just a cover-up. There's no reasoning with most of them. Maybe not with any of them.
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@51NN3R I'd also like to add, that in the entirety of the video you linked, with all of their in-depth analysis, none of them saw any moving tentacle-bearing thing, as the crazy Madej lady shows in hers. This convinces me that hers is a fabrication, or contamination. But I lean more towards fabrications, because she claims to have seen it in two different samples. Yet from all the samples, from different vaccines, including the one Madej tested, there is nothing even remotely like hers in the one with a panel of doctors.
Also, on said panel of doctors. They all admit many times that they don't know what they're seeing. That they have no idea what this stuff is.
Though one or two refer to the metallic structures as looking like chips, one is careful to specify that they aren't trying to say what kind of chip. The word chip doesn't only refer to technology. It also can mean a chip, or sliver of something. Which would be something with no technology in it at all. Merely a chip of some kind of substance that they've yet to identify.
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