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Posted by: Adrian88

In all the pandemic, homeoffice and presidential election turbulances i sometimes take the time to daydream in the net.
Some months ago i ended up on a website called "globalmansion" and ever since than i get many pop ups of mindblowing real estates all over the globe.

OF COURSE they are faaaar to expensive (except for the three cheapest ones maybe smiley ) but its a good place to let imagination flow.
So here are some cool objects:

This is NOT just supercool penthouse in London! Top 3 storey are YOURS for only 5.5 million pounds!
The CLUE is: IT`S the former MI6 HEADQUARTERS!! James Bond feeling included!!! London Central (best city in the world, right after my hometown Stuttgart)

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top expert

Secluded Forts in Southern England List for £4 Million and £4.25 Million
A lil cheaper than above comes your own pirate nest.
or deep-pocketed buyers with a penchant for privacy, seclusion and fortified walls, a pair of multi-million pound Napoleonic forts in the ocean off the south coast of England have come to the market.

The historic retreats, dubbed No Mans Fort and Spitbank Fort, came to the market in July asking £4.25 million (US$5.5 million) and £4 million, respectively. They stand in the Solent, the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the mainland of England.


Ultimate privacy! light house! Covid19 proof! 14 feet granite walls! own pubs! heli pad !


top expert

Perfect fusion of old wood and modern style. complete with reinforced steel-core beams and specially hardened flooring installed by the agency decades ago. BULLETPROOF windows.
Let`s be honest: as soon as you open the door your date will rape you. instantly.



breakfest view: The London eye + the needle + the city



Globalmansion is a good starting point but not the pinnacle. Depending on what you are looking for to "daydream" there are a number of specialized sites to cater all styles and pockets. Having said that, sometimes its just easier to search through geographical locations which offer representative examples of a specific architecture. Another tip is to look via specific realtors who specialize in that kind of real estate. The starting point for all is none other than Sotheby's and Christies:

If mansions is your thing, you should look no further than Waybridge, Surrey in the UK. Its the most expensive real estate in the UK. And it offers the best classical and modern interpretations of what a Mansion should look like. Realtor sites like Onthemarket, Savills, priceypads, primelocation and Knight Frank should give you a decent starting point.
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@JudgeDredd smiley smiley I just loooove this man!!! smiley


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