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Rape Conviction and Coronavirus: Harvey Weinstein’s Bad Month - Total Conservative News
Boy, when karma comes calling, it calls hard.

If you’re the type to believe that some people get what’s coming to them, it’s hard not to see the outlines of divine justice in the case of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Not even a month after being convicted of rape and sentenced to 23 years in prison, Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus at Wende Correctional facility in western New York. The longtime financier of such movies as Pulp Fiction and such politicians as Hillary Clinton has been put in isolation at the prison.

Since his conviction on March 11, the 68-year-old has spent time at Bellevue Hospital for chest pains, Rikers Island Prison, and Wende. It’s not clear where he contracted the virus, although 21 inmates at Rikers have already tested positive for COVID-19, making that a likely possibility.

As of Monday, reps for Weinstein were telling the press that they had no personal knowledge of their client’s positive diagnosis.

Assuming it’s true, Weinstein could be headed for a nasty few weeks. Plagued with health problems that range from obesity to heart disease to diabetes, he is in precisely the kind of shape that makes him susceptible to the worst effects of the coronavirus. Pair that up with the mental stress that his legal situation has undoubtedly put him through – not easy going from the most powerful man in Hollywood to a convicted rapist, we’re sure – and it could be a recipe for disaster.

Weinstein may be the least popular celebrity to be diagnosed with the coronavirus, but he’s far from the only one.

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, were among the first celebrities to test positive for the disease; they are currently recovering in isolation in Australia, where Hanks is preparing to shoot a biopic about Elvis Presley.

Former star of “The Bachelor,” Colton Underwood was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 20 after developing symptoms. “For anyone out there that is hesitant to self-quarantine,” he said in a statement, “please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay home.”

Other high-profile individuals with the virus include Sophie Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister’s wife, actor Idris Elba (who believes he contracted it from Trudeau, incidentally), Sen. Rand Paul, “Goodfellas” actress Debi Mazar, iconic opera star Placido Domingo, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, NBA star Kevin Durant (and quite a few other players), U.S. congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart and Ben McAdams, and more.

We wish them all a quick recovery, including Harvey, who – let’s face it – doesn’t deserve to get out of his prison sentence that easily.

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Make sure he testifies live on the internet, also know he will be assassinated by 2 bullets to the back of the head, or stranglation or medical issues, to keep it from coming out against the elites

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@splintercell 2 bullets? Why would he not just hang himself???


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