RIGGED! Major voter fraud scheme discovered in swing state - The Horn News

The Democratic governor of one of the most hotly-contested states in the 2020 presidential election has vetoed a bill to kick foreign voters off the voting rolls.

Gov. Roy Cooper took the red pen to Senate Bill 250, a bill to “Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls.”

There’s no doubt that foreign citizens are registered to vote, and the bill would require the State Board of Elections to contact any registered voter who has been rejected for jury duty because he is a foreign citizen.

The person would have 30 days to prove he is a legally registered voter and U.S. citizen or be removed from the state’s voter rolls.

Cooper said that the law “creates a high risk of voter harassment and intimidation and could discourage citizens from voting.”

The Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest tweeted, “Governor Cooper’s veto is reckless at a time when so many are concerned about foreign interference with our elections.”
RIGGED! Major voter fraud scheme discovered in swing state - The Horn News
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As an NC resident well familiar with the machinations of the (currently) republican-legislated state, I totally agree with DEMOCRATIC Governor Roy Cooper's decision. This is an obvious attempt to harass and oppress non-white voters.
You see, the GOP here is VERY worried. The Supreme Court forced NC's GOP-dominated election board to redraw the outrageously gerrymandered districts that crippled voter outcomes for years. They were designed to dilute non-white votes, of course, but the Court said "NOPE. Redraw again" for the second time.
Good on Roy for cutting them off at the pass! smiley

Since the 2018 mail-in vote fraud scandal was discovered, three Republican candidates--one for Congress (Mark Harris)--had hired a man known for and previously convicted of ballot manipulation fraud who got caught, they can't use that trick anymore either. smiley

NC MAY get to have an honest election in 2020! So let's SEE how she swings!


Illegal residents, non-citizens, and the dead... How is this still going on? Well here you see it folks Another SCUMBAG politician doing the deed to hold onto power. You vote to clean up the voter rolls, and SCUMBAG vetoes your bill. smiley

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@CanyonD I'm sorry...I must not have been clear: the same candidate (Mark Harris)that Trump came to NC 4 times to pump the country clubs for money for him--that tried to rig the 2018 CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION by discarding or rewriting the mail-in ballots.

They have found a grand total of 41 alleged invalid foreign votes, as opposed to hundreds proven to be forged by a republican-paid actor in the 2018 attempt to rig that election.
That resulted in NC having no representative in Dist 9 for ayear.
ANd true to form, instead of declaring the election attempt to defraud the people void and declaring the Dem candidate the winner, they hauled in yet ANOTHER republican to run in place of trumps disgraced candidate Harris (whose own attorney SON testified against him, btw)
The dead had no impact here...lol. That's left to the RED states to bolster their declining voter rolls. smiley
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@ThomasinaPaine By your own statement.. 40 "alleged" invalid foreign votes." I'm surprised they even admitted that much. It's those wascally Russians again! As for forged ballots... May the perp rot in his cage. So if you are really concerned about a free and fair election you will support the movement to clean up the voter rolls, and require photo ID at polling stations. You don't want any more "Russian" interference now do you?


@CanyonD Unfortunately, by 'clean up the voter rolls' Repubs generally mean 'wipe out likely opposition voters' the way they did in New York in 2016 in Bernie's old neighborhood, where they 'accidentally' purged tens of thousands of legally eligible voters and in GA ditto, TO name only two places.

Check it out.





@ThomasinaPaine No doubt there will initially be cases like this where eligible voters will have to re-register. Considering that there are millions of dead and foreighn voters still on the rolls..don't you want that cleaned up for a more secure and genuine electorate?
What would you suggest?
Do nothing while the "Russians" masquerading as US Citizens re-elect President Trump? smiley


"“The North Carolina House will override his veto as soon as possible,” said Tim Moore, the Speaker of the state House. Republicans have veto-proof majorities in both houses of the state legislature, so they just need to get the override scheduled on the docket.

Isn’t it funny that the party obsessed with “Russian attacks on our democracy” in 2016 have no problem with foreigners voting in those elections?"


Good idea. Remove non citizens from voter rolls. Only Americans can vote.


Further, the bill was far more coplex as to the powers granted the election board than this one tenet.

PAy particular attention to the fact that there is no designation of voting rights returned to felons who have served their time, which is the case in NC. That would have a dsproportionate impact on non-white voters who have resolved any judicial obligation of imprisonment and WOULD be entitled to vote.

Can a Felon Vote in North Carolina? - JobsForFelonsHub.com
[Search domain www.jobsforfelonshub.com/felon-voting-ri ghts/north-carolina/] www.jobsforfelonshub.com/felon-v...
Can a Felon Vote in North Carolina? Felons receive their voting rights again after they serve their sentence, including probation and/or parole...

General Assembly Of North CarolinaSession 2019Page 2Senate Bill 250-Third Edition(b)Any person summoned as a juror who has a disability that could interfere with the 1person's ability to serve as a juror and who wishes to be excused, deferred, or exempted may 2make the request without appearing in person by filinga signed statement of the ground of the 3request, including a brief explanation of the disability that interferes with the person's ability to 4serve as a juror, with the chief district court judge of that district, or the district court judge or5judge, trial court administratoradministrator, or clerk of superior court if sodesignated by the 6chief district court judge pursuant to G.S.9-6(b), at (c)Nothing in this section should be construed to restrict the authority of a local board 37of elections or the State Board of Elections to determine a person's eligibility to vote."38SECTION 3.5. G.S.163A-877 reads as rewritten:39"§ 163A-877.
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Amazing...people will willingly ignore hundreds of fraudulent votes DELIBERATELY cast by their own party to rig an election
and screech over a total of 41 alleged foreign votes.

As to overriding the bill...we'll see. The days of Republican majority here in NC are numbered.

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