Question about uploading ebooks

Just wondering why when I try to upload an E-Book, (I used dropbox ) but the link only shows it in PDF. Now this particular book, I just finished reading as an EBook.. Any thought?? Box, maybe?? Lol

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Hey Mama,
Have you uploaded the epub version of your book to dropbox and then created/copied the link from dropbox to paste it here in

If so, paste the link so I can see what you have in dropbox.

The link can only take you to the document you have in dropbox.

BTW, I have found quite a few Ruth Ware books and will publish the links very soon.


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@😷...Box...😷 Here is the link. I just finished reading this on my phone, in EPUB, but when I tried the link, it showed a PDF..thanks for any help.


@Rescue Dog Mama Mama,

I downloaded from the link in epub format two times (signed in and not signed to dropbox) without any problem.

It was perfect both times.

One suggestion would be to turn OFF the comments (you can find the option in the button with ... on the right of the page)


@😷...Box...😷 Thanks.. now I can upload more to share.. I also have a program that will convert pdf to EPUB, or any other format,very easy to use. smiley


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@Omenomen Thanks but I have the opposite problem, it already is EPUB, and I want to keep the upload as one but it automatically changes to PDF, lol.


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