Quebec couple hit with curfew-violation fine after wife walks husband on a leash | CTV News

A Sherbrooke husband and wife were handed sizeable fines for violating curfew, despite the wife's protests that she was walking her dog and the fact the husband was wearing a leash.

Quebec couple hit with curfew-violation fine after wife walks husband on a leash | CTV News

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top expert

They practice BDSM in public? PIGS! I will complain to the Canadian ambassador.

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@𝓜𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮*🐭 It's not funny. I'm serious:

Dear Ambassador,

I recently heard a report of the kinky public activity of your citizens. As long as you are unable to maintain order, we will cut off our diplomatic ties with you. I can only hope that you have nothing to do with it personally. Shame on you. You perverted pig. smiley

Don DonRobusto_5746_mooning


top expert

Well at least she has creative thinking smiley smiley



fck people,,,,,,,,,,,,we all need to fcking wake up,this virus isnt new we have all lived or suffered from this virus effects,the fines should be painfull,if idiots can still laugh at all that is going on today with all the deaths and pain some fckers can still make a joke of it,,,,,make the fines so high they lose everything,if you are at fault for a death cause of your actions,then you should be charged,like DUI if you kill someone they dont send you home,,,make it the same for the idiots that cause a death...

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@miclem There is already similar legislation in place for HIV. If you knowingly transmit the HIV virus, you are criminally liable for its effects on the person(s) you infected.


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