Portable Toilets Are Being Sold As Fruit Baskets on Amazon


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Portable Toilets Are Being Sold As Fruit Baskets on Amazon

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Ahhhh...now it makes sense. They got the idea from this:


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@JudgeDredd smiley smiley
story: 3 years ago i head suite in the Bayoke sky tower hotel in Bangkok. Sitting on the toilet in the bathroom in noticed a metal lil "thing" let into the wall right next to the toilet paper.
First i couldn`t figure out what it is it was far to small for an ash tray.
some day later after some beer i found out: it was bottle opener.


@Adrian88 Noooooo.....Oh yucks smiley


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This as Chinese as Bratwurst



As long as they aren't used...

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@MPA2000 smiley good point


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