Although the human mind is inherently limited in imagination

(via physics, multidimensionality, ego,

etc.,...)--the universe (never mind Multiverse) is boundless

and eternal. By that definition the configurations of

atoms/matter can only diverge in but so many ways; this

mathematically necessitates repetitions of our

reality/existence if you go out far enough outside the observable

universe. Ergo--infinite copies of you and I do exist.

Furthermore--every permutation of events and possible

manifestations of being/beings exist somewhere in this eternal

infinity. You throw in Quantum Mechanics and Multiverses--then

we are no longer even constrained by Physics.

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Our universe is in the center of an atom,

what that atom is in, i don't know, could be a grain of salt on a table, or we could be in a spoon falling (in our time, it would not look like it's moving and take many,many years to hit the floor) off a table etc.


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@PureVodka🍺 smiley I've been having this nightmare since I saw the Incredible Shrinking Man at the drive-in.

@PureVodka🍺 smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
That's a hilariously primitive and obsolete notion of an atom.

Fractals exist everywhere in nature--you're grasping what I'm saying about the Multiverse in that our version of the universe is a fractal of the infinite bubbling sea of Parallel Universes (we're not even mentioning the Principle of Ergodicity and Levels of Multiverse).

If grains of salt do it for you--just make sure it's iodized.

Another e. g. is when in MIB they open the locker and there's a whole other universe up in there.

Also, the Cosmic Web of Galactic Super-Clusters is uncannily looking like the neuronal connections of a human brain--Democrats notwithstanding.


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