One wonders how "BEST" Posts and "Similar" Post Are Selected for Display on TM and

Posted by: ThomasinaPaine
How posts are selected from times past for display as "Similar posts" on below "Top Posts of the Day" seem to be really random but decidedly rightwing overall.and "BEST posts" displayed on Two Movies don't seem to follow a consistent pattern either.

I scanned the upvotes and comments on the alleged 'Top posts of the Day' and then scrolled through a sampling of other "New" posts.
I found posts with the same number or even more upvotes and comments as "Top Posts of the Day" but did not make the list of "Top Posts of the Day"

So what IS the protocol for selections to display exactly?

Same question for 'Best Posts" displayed on TM.

Thanks for a clarification.

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senior guru
Interesting that this was not "reply" and so did not get my


senior guru
But again, No answer from admin on this ?

I"d also like to know exactly WHEN the "User of the month" post ranking list is reset? Is it on a 30 day cycle and doesn't take into account 31 day months? And what time EDT, PST etc?
When I notice it was reset I see others have (usually a mod) already posted dozens of things before anyone else.
The specifics would be nice, if admin will share. Just to have a level playing field, y'know... .


Why so you can post your propaganda better? I heard you only on here cause isis wouldnt take you lol
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