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New Vegan Film "They’re Trying to Kill Us" Examines Intersection of Diet, Poverty, and Systemic Racism | VegNews
One of the reasons given for why Covid-19 has hit black communities harder was higher instances of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.
New Vegan Film

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Great Buzz title; sprinkle in systemic racism to goad the flavor for a ludicrous lunch. With the very appro 'Badass Veggie" model sub cover caption.

People eat what they choose to eat, unless you subscribe to the "they ain't got no choice, they wuz told to eat that stuff" mantra. Consume vegan or not is personal choice.

In the United States of America where the great equalizer of 'well stocked grocery stores' exists coupled with food programs, SNAP and earned dollars - Nutrition, Diet are there for everyone. You want poverty move to Namibia or Bangladesh. Otherwise this is Nonsense for in the pursuit of victim hood.
Have to admit though, the boy on the cover does look healthy - looks like he made the 'correct' personal choices for himself.


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