My Son And I Visited A Medium, And She Gave Us A Gift We Never Saw Coming
My 20-year old son, Cameron, and I arrive at the medium's office early. The parking lot has plenty of spaces, but I choose one far from the door. I am jittery. My palms are damp.

My mother died when I was 11, my father when I was 35, both from cancer. Ever since I lost my mother, I have imagined visiting a medium for reassurance that she was still with me in some way, that she was proud of me. And yet, I never made an appointment. I often told my friends I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to be ripped off by some phony telling me ambiguous nonsense, but it’s more than that. I’m scared of being taken advantage of, but I’m more scared of the implication that there is nothing to hear, that my parents aren’t with me in any way at all.

I am now 43, the same age my mother was when she died. I’ve made some changes in my life to reflect this milestone: I’m living a healthier lifestyle, I finally got the mammogram I put off for eight years, and when a good friend told me about her great experience with the medium, I took a deep breath and joined the waiting list.

“Shall we go in?” Cameron asks.

“I’m not expecting much from this,” I say. “It’ll probably be a load of stuff that could apply to anyone.”

“That’s what I’ve been thinking, too.”

Inside, Cameron and I sit side by side.
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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..."

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