McTurtle and the CoveruUP

Posted by: ThomasinaPaine
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SJW's are turning this country into a Stalinist free for all. Pleading the Fifth, means your are hiding something. Allegations are clearly facts in rape/sexual assault. Senators not voting in your favor are covering up/in cahoots with the defendent.

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@MPA2000 A legislative body refusing to hear witnesses or to obtain and review relevant documents to make a considered decision on a trial as important as the impeachment and removal of a President of the United States who has given his own agenda priority and blocked every attempt to find the truth is a sham and a cover up.
It has nothing to do with 'social trends'. It has to do with none of the buzzwords you mentioned.
It has to do with the law as it exists in every other courtroom in America.

Moreover, there is not a jury foreman in the country who would not be immediately dismissed and escorted out for communicating ex parte with the defendant in a case, as McConnell is doing with Trump.

To assert otherwise is simply trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Make Americans THINK Again.
If he's gone,no one needs to be afraid of him.


@ThomasinaPaine The Senate doesn't have do anything but vote up or down. That's it. It's not their job to make a case, that was the House's job, and they failed miserably at it.

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