MEDIA BLACKOUT: Trump Supporters Attacked At MAGA March, Media Silent On Coverage - YouTube

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Trump Supporters Attacked At MAGA March, Media Silent On Coverage - YouTube

*Such Savages, nothing but Criminals*

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Trump Supporters Attacked At MAGA March, Media Silent On Coverage - YouTube

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senior guru
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@Bread&Circuses Sad isn't it... such a shame. Sigh



smiley smiley smiley Did you even bother watching the video you posted? smiley smiley smiley

Let me clue you in. Jump to 03:38 of the video. You will hear and I quote: "Multiple confrontations appeared later in the day as TRUMP supporters attempted to enter the area around the Black Lives Matter Plaza, about a block from the WH, where several hundred anti-Trump demonstrators had gathered."

Soooo, the Trump demonstrators go to pick up a fight, get their asses handed to them, and scream they are the victims of violence they initiated?

Priceless smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

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@manditoe Thats nice...Love your counter arguments. Your powers of persuasion are quickly becoming legendary. You are without a doubt the new 1FRAC smiley

Now given the fact that you have demonstrated, beyond reasonable doubt, your inability to express yourself with the written medium and taking into account the levels of your intelligence in being unable to find and use the "Upload Image" function, I am gonna have to lower myself to your level to make myself understood:

First, some educational material (in pictures and short words)


Finally, my reply to you in the same format as your preferred medium of expression, which incidentally fits you like a glove

Read more


@JudgeDredd Are you kidding ME!! smiley It's Impossible talking/debating to you people I tried so many times in the past,way past. smiley All I can do is Wonder at it all, when I see the LACK of Common Sense. so when in doubt a post is the best. I would be in trouble if I didn't because sometimes I just want to say worse!! smiley smiley
I don't want to pin them like that smiley


@manditoe So sweet to see how you claim common sense for yourself every time I read something from you.
I'm sorry to tell you that Common Sense is one of my best friends and the last time I spoke to him he said he doesn't like you.
With many of your little pictures, you are referring to the allegedly low intelligence of your conversation partner and indicate that you have a particularly large amount of it.

Here, too, I have bad news. Intelligence is also one of my friends. I asked her about you and she said she doesn't even know you.

I suggest you stop boasting about things that are not part of your repertoire - jokes are already being made about you in the hallway.


@🎄DonRobusto🎄 Intelligence is a 'she'?
I should report you for sexism!


@manditoe Are YOU kidding me? Talking? Debating?

This is what you sent me:



Are these your counter-arguments? Is this your version of a debate? Hell, is this your version of a discussion? Okay, I am gonna speak your language, even if it means I have to suspend myself.

How is that for a counter-argument?

Moderator notice: JudgeDredd 1 Day Suspension for Personal Attack

7 hours to 1-Day Suspension for Overly crude comments, inappropriate or inflammatory comments, personal attacks, spam, advertisements, infringing content.
1 week ago

@JudgeDredd Hahaha! Only now I see this. You are so touchy smiley


@JudgeDredd I just wanted to say that yes I've sent some Sarcastic posts to a few people and some I really enjoyed doing others eh, not as much BUT one thing I've Not ever sent to anyone is Telling them "to Go F**k themselves or to F**k Off! Hey Hope you feel better. smiley
*Just Saying* smiley


@manditoe Seriously? You are attempting a moral high ground after calling me an idiot and an a***ole?....I have no words!!


@JudgeDredd I have to admit, following this thread while I was in the penalty box has been wonderful for my morale.

Blasts you with a sparkly PFFFT fromt he glitter cannon and prances away, giggling


@JadeEnigma I am glad that at least someone had fun with this smiley smiley


@JudgeDredd This is what I said!
I tried so many times in the **past,way past.**

smiley smiley


@JudgeDredd at lest they are truthfully funny


@kingoftrump And unsurprisingly my reply to them would be truthfully appropriate for you too



No one cares.


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