London Mayor Sadiq Khan: “One of Our Strengths Is Our Diversity”
Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, and a tireless apologist for Islam, had his usual reaction to the latest murders by Muslim terrorists in “the greatest city in the world.” For Sadiq Khan, the defense and promotion of “diversity” has become an obsession. Last summer Sadiq Khan earned the outrage of many Londoners for...
London Mayor Sadiq Khan: “One of Our Strengths Is Our Diversity”
Politics • by Xx_Zedra • 37 views •  1 comments • 2 months ago

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Who are the people who are taught to “hate our diversity”? Surely it is the Muslims themselves, who read Qur’anic verses that describe them as “the best of peoples” while non-Muslims are “the most vile of creatures”? Why should Muslims wish to have anything to do with such people? The Qur’an further instructs them not to take Christians or Jews as friends, for “they are friends only with each other.” smiley

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