Lebanon's Hezbollah Suing those accusing it of port blast


Lebanon's Hezbollah said Friday it is suing a Christian former lawmaker and a website affiliated with a Christian political party for defamation, after they accused the Shiite militant group of being responsible for the devastating explosion at Beirut's port this summer.

Hezbollah’s legal representative Ibrahim Mussawi said the accusations, leveled by Fares Souaid and the website of the right-wing Lebanese Forces party, were misleading.

Lebanon's Hezbollah Suing those accusing it of port blast

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senior guru

Let's hope Biden doesn't send them planes full of cash. smiley

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@Bread&Circuses when did biden send anyone planes full of cash? are you still crying about the election? lol


@jutland The Obama / Biden admin did sent planes full of cash to Iran. smiley Do you deny that ?


@Bread&Circuses $1.7 Billion to be exact. All cash!



@MPA2000 In American dollars easily the coupon of choice among the terrorists of the planet, no dinars, yuan's or pesos for the Iranians.


@Bread&Circuses it was iran's money.



Hezbollah, a terrorist in training has an accident - stuff happens.



Well that's a first. I suppose if they had nothing to do with it, and the media and politicians are saying did, then it amounts to slander and possibly libel.


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