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Despite their promises, the Minneapolis City Council has been unable to completely defund and abolish the police department. However, their attempts to “reimagine” policing in the wake of George Floyd’s death has still had plenty of undesired effects on the city’s safety. That’s the claim being made by a group of residents who are suing Minneapolis for failing to live up to the city’s charter in terms of properly staffing the Minneapolis Police Department.

“A group of residents have had enough of the crime and violence in the city of Minneapolis, arguing in a lawsuit that there aren’t enough police patrolling the streets right now,” reported a local Fox affiliate.

“We are here because of people’s safety,” plaintiff Cathy Spann explained in a press conference. “We want law and order. We want reform. But we are in this city to say, enough is enough.”

Another plaintiff said that they tried to take their concerns directly to the City Council, but their problems were not addressed.

“We have made the emotional appeal,” he said. “We have demonstrated the statistical uptick and now this is the legal action we are exercising because it seems as if the City Council cannot hear us and doesn’t feel what we feel.”

“The group of petitioners questioned city leaders about the number of police officers currently deployed across the city,” Fox Minneapolis reports. “They contend the MPD has fallen below the minimum thresholds required in the city’s charter because of the number of officers who have either gone out on some type of leave or quit since [George Floyd’s] deadly Memorial Day arrest.”

The litigants were quick to assure reporters that they do not stand opposed to bringing reasonable reforms to policing.

Plaintiff Sondra Samuels said the city has to improve the Police Department while also providing public safety.

“We all know we have to have reform of the police department,” said plaintiff Sondra Samuels. “Everybody wants that. Everybody! There’s nobody who thinks that shouldn’t happen. But in addition — with that, we need protection. We need adequate police protection. We have to do both.”

Well, it can’t be like that when the City Council’s first move is to promise radical activists that they’re going to completely get rid of the police department. That was a bad faith move right off the bat. Police – especially in Minneapolis – are facing unprecedented hostility from the public, and there comes a point where it’s just not worth it anymore. If good officers are reviewing their employment options, who could blame them? Minneapolis Democrats have only themselves to blame.

Lawsuit Against Minneapolis: Police “Reimagining” Has Made City Unsafe - Total Conservative News

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Maybe now the city council members will apologize and restore the police department. Whoever decided to abolish the police didn't think things through and the plan wasn't well thought out.


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