Kelly Brook

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with all the other females being posted that rank a ""10"" -
I'm not quite sure why Ms Brook deserves so many more up votes?

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@druiddude lol u reminded me someone that said look at that corner fast food store , so small, old and dirty but always busy cuz all the trackers stop by... hahahahha


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Anyone remembers her? Kelly Lebrok, one of the best models in the 80's, i was in love when i was younger ahhahaha

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@Bread&Circuses funny one! this scene is from her movie with the hubby of hers these years. Steven Seagal. Oh btw didn u heard latest political achievements and positions of Steven Seagal. I was amazed so much and i had a look in my eyes when i was reading about it - like a kid holding the cone of the ice cream and watching the ball from the top at the ground!


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