Jen Atkin Applauds Protester Who Made Her Billboard Even Better | E! News
Jen Atkin showed her support after a protester wrote Black Lives Matter on her OUAI hair care billboard.
Jen Atkin Applauds Protester Who Made Her Billboard Even Better | E! News

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Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Only one generation has passed and already King's words have been forgotten. I guess he wasn't relevant after all, to be forgotten so quickly.

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@dramucom Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would NOT endorse what's going on today by the black lives matter group or any other group of violent means.

@1FRAC1 Exactly. That's why I posted the quote. The rest is what came to mind while watching news reports of the rioting


These are rioters, vandals, and looters. All lives matter.


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