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Posted by: Dr.Evil
For those who re-post English news. It would be really great for the site if you write a couple of sentences by yourself... when posting news. It's an unique content. More chances that the post will appear in search engines and search engines (Google, Bing etc) LOVE unique and interesting texts.

If you don't want to describe news, then you may just post your opinion in comments section just right after you post news.

When posting memes, it's better to describe your meme. For example put the meme's text into the post title and in content under the image. Again, so search engines could understand it.

The title example: Trump is sick of winning lol

I want this site to grow but with just re-posting it will be a lot harder. New users usually come here from Google.

Thank you.
Dr. Evil

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Let's hope MarieCateyes from across the hall in 2MOOBS reads the title of this post carefully, and doesn't decide on a career in political punditry.

That would really put the cat among the pigeons.


senior guru
Well, even though I am inclined to post my opinion on news anyway, your choice of pic of that POS post to display with this suggestion is guaranteed to dissuade me of continuing that practice.
Couldn't you have picked a human being?

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@ThomasinaPaine Is there a reason you are trying to pick a fight with the Admin? Do you realize that I am the first line of defense/offense in that eventuality?

@JudgeDredd I just expressed 'my own personal opinion" as in

"you may just post your opinion in comments section"

and that is EXACTLY how I feel about him deliberately choosing that meme.
He could have chosen something NOT inflammatory, given today's reprehensible decisions by our traitorous leaders.
If that offends, then we were BOTH offended.
He could have posted a puppy.


I am going to try this and I think it is working because I am now 3rd in referral clicks at this time. So I have been adding a few words or sentences in the original post. I will continue

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@ReverendBobo Referral clicks is when you share posts on other sites with your ID in the url.
But thanks for creating unique content.

@Dr.Evil Then how am I getting referral clicks?

@ReverendBobo Read my post again :)
And this https://anysubj.com/faq/ref_link


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