I don't like getting older . . .

Posted by: Bread&Circuses
Humor • by Bread&Circuses • 135 views •  6 comments • 1 month ago

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Maybe I was lucky, it wasn't so bad at all - - - that is after all the horror stories I've heard over the years. Especially lately.
I'd rather go through five of those than another kidney stone. smiley

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@Bread&Circuses Oh god, kidney stones... smiley


@JadeEnigma Recently had a kidney stone myself. I needed to pass it normally. Boy that will pop a sweat. I was never so glad in my life to hear that ping finally in the bowl.


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@fortunate1 I hear you, sister. The relief is immediate and palpable smiley


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@Bread&Circuses Yep had one of those!


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@Bread&Circuses Yep had one of those! smiley smiley

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