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Human trials of British coronavirus vaccine to reach 10,000 - Reuters
Oxford University and AstraZeneca are recruiting around 10,000 adults and children in Britain for trials of an experimental coronavirus vaccine, a day after receiving U.S. backing worth up to $1.2 billion.

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Honestly in three or four months they have something going into human trials?? seems incredible - Older folks might need it; Flu Racine gets pushed by doctors every year, the last 9 years no vaccine, I've not had the flu either - whats up with that?? smiley smiley

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@Xx_Zedra I've never had the flu jab and never well. smiley [SPOILER]

@PureVodka🍺 Lucky, must have a clean life smiley


1)Do children really need a vaccine for this?
2)Will they check you (the lab rat) to see if you already have anti-bodies to it?
3)Would you have or allow you kids to have this vaccine?

Anyone else:
5)etc. smiley

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@PureVodka🍺 Will it have mercury in it?

@1FRAC1 In part it might be Covid-19 (just infect the healthy), but i have no idea how these Poisons , sorry vaccines work.

@PureVodka🍺 mercury is a better delivery system just like uranium is for cigarettes.Don't forget the flame retardant we all have to inhale cause of a few idiots that smoke in bed.


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