How to talk to your MAGA cap Grandma and Grandpa - the most hilarious instruction EVER

I came across THIS PEARL on youtube... It`s probably the funniest thing EVER.
I was so wrong. I will never attack a Trumpist again.
This whole instructions basically says (although it`s ment seriously):
1. Don`t talk to Trumpists like they are adults
2. Trumpists are like Linus van Pelt from the Peanuts: They need Donny as a comfort object. If you take it away with force, they will be angry.
3. You have to let them find out on theirselves, that its just a dirty old blanket

This is sooooo good. Basically the clip tells you to talk to Trumpists like they were mentally disabled 5 years old.

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top expert

Awesome find! Great advice! smiley
We did everything wrong, I wanted to take everything away from them instead of giving them love and box bothered them with his data. Of course they fought with hands and feet.
I must have been blinded, I would never take the toys away from my dog ​​or my children. And when I do, she growls at me. That should have made me think.

Now it's time to start over.
I will keep a close eye on how you implement the new knowledge. smiley

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@🎄DonRobusto🎄 smiley smiley smiley hahaaaaa hahahahaaaaa
thats maaa booooooyyyy.....!!! smiley smiley smiley smiley


top expert

I would love to put this into action. Unfortunately, the majority of the Trump supporters have blocked me so I will have to see how it works for other members.

So much here Adrian for you to put into practice smiley


And for heaven's sake - don't TALK DATA.



top expert

This graphic shows a Trumpist and his relation to Donny. The dirty blanket gives them protection from a changing and more and more complex world. It gives easy answers and lets you be angry on whatever you want and dont understand.
Dont take it away by force. Buy Linus an Ipad. Joe Biden is that Ipad.

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@Adrian88 hmmm....unfortunately the famous "stinky lines" on the blanket are missing. just imagine them . smiley smiley smiley


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