How about...

Posted by: DonRobusto
... we do some roleplay? Role reversal is a very useful tool in psychotherapy practices.
Let me explain what I mean. The "good" and the "bad" folks here sit down on the chairs of the other gang. You empathize with the other side and think, feel and act like them.
For example I would loose common sense, go on breitbart, watch Tucker Carlson and praise the leadership of Donald Trump (That's only a small variety;-)
The antagonists would.... well I cannot imagine. That's your task.
Role reversal can strengthen mutual understanding and therefore boost peaceableness. Besides it will be a great experience - real live starts, when you leave your comfort zone.

Peace y'all.

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Thats a great idea actually. And one that could be so much fun. Very similar to Moot Court and Model UN, where you are assigned a role to defend, irrespective of your personal preferences and beliefs.

If the others are interested, lets organize this!!! smiley smiley

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@JudgeDredd In my team at work, I frequently slipped into the role of the Devil's advocate, criticized the arguments, that were good in my point of view (but not good enough), to expose weak points.
It was very satisfying to attack my team members and I had much fun and we produced good results.

Let's organize this?
How can help?

@DonRobusto I do this on a regular basis as well. When I am on negotiations on conflict resolution, I often take on opposite positions to predict the line of argumentation of my opponent. Helps plugging the holes.

Well, I guess we need to find some volunteers. And set a popular topic to debate. For starters, we need one from each side, preferably people that are very descriptive and argumentative in their positions.

From the top of my head I would suggest Box, Zedra, mrkim, Nasos, Omenomen, you, me and whoever else wants in.

@JudgeDredd I have an idea! How is about Mrkim and Jade changes roles for a couple of days? So, Jade is frowning. She is acting like "I don't upvote anything, if you have problem with me, just shut the f**k up! and so. And mrkim shares glitter all the day. smiley smiley

@Omenomen I am not sure that mrkim is into role playing or method acting smiley

@Omenomen Blinks a couple of times, then drops her bag'o'glitter and runs screaming from the room

@JudgeDredd Whoever wants in? Hahaha.
Who can reject the offer?

I was thinking: more simple (no topic)just the ordinary posting and commenting - for several days - with registered participants.
I'm lacking of ideas right now. Tired.


Okay, I'm joining the gun lobby, KKK, and Covidiots.

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@Buttless So start doing your research then smiley

@JudgeDredd perhaps someone here could train me. smiley

@Buttless I got this. smiley


I do it all the time and i am still comfort. I was thinking always this the best way for me to judge. I have spoken for example extensively with communists, anarchists, right wing extremists and so on. LOL. People from every possible religion also lol After i was 30 a cigarette rises my BP more than doing this

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@Nasos Great....we need your expertise on this one smiley


And how do you think we would do that? In a comment section?

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@Omenomen What? You havent debated in a thread before? This entire site is filled with such examples... smiley

The Debate/Discuss Community was created for that purpose alone.

@JudgeDredd I like the idea, but I think it would turn into a joke quickly. I rather think regular contact in PM would help make bridges.

@Omenomen But this is the idea. To turn it into a joke. To have fun with it while trying to do your best to adopt a position you inherently disagree with. Can you imagine me defending Trump? smiley Can you imagine Zedra accusing Trump or defending Biden? smiley

Just because we are all so passionate in our beliefs, it would be quite funny to witness an unexpected scenario like that.

@JudgeDredd Zeeedra! I am you and you are me. smiley

@JudgeDredd That's what I am saying. If you want to be serious, there are PM. People are more open and less stubborn there, because they feel more personal and their thoughts are less exposed.

@Omenomen Yeah but in PM we cant have an audience. The idea is not to convert our beliefs. The idea is to put ourselves in the other shoe smiley

@JudgeDredd I thought the idea was to discover what we really do miss. To find an illumination.

@Omenomen Hahaha. Illumination is a minor matter. Imagine to dress up/ masquerade as someone. It will immediately change your feelings. Easier than you think.
For example: You are the Grim Reaper. What's your task now?
You are the Dalai Lama? You become clement and say wise things!
You are a slave? You want to break free.
You are a tiny little mouse in the dark. Oh you will be scared.

@DonRobusto This could be turned in philosophical conversation. I know you wouldn't like it. Me neither. So, I will keep it simple. You see, I am coming from a country (Serbia) where those things basically do not exist. On any level. We do not have clowns, carnivals, masquerades... We also do not have devil advocates. I can not remember it from school, college or work. I believe that is we have odd feelings to be or act the other way, the way who we are not. It goes that deep that many people refuse to do some job, not because they are lazy, but because they are not "made for that job". I know that is hard for a Westerner, especially an American to understand, but here a man is identified with the job he is doing. Did you ever hear of Eastern idea that a combat master identifies himself with the weapon he uses? This is similar. There is certain mysticim in it.

@Omenomen Wow! That's a very deep insight. smiley smiley

@DonRobusto I disagree with that last statement.... smiley

(Only kidding)

@𝓜𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮*🐭 You lefties are always saying one thing and meaning another!


smiley smiley

@JadeEnigma You're wrong! smiley

@Buttless #Trump2020!

@JadeEnigma After much soul searching and meditational yoga exercises, I have become aware of the foul and dangerous path I have taken in life.

Just as St. Paul on the road to Damascus, I too have seen the Truth. Because there is only ONE TRUE WAY, ONE TRUE HOPE and ONE TRUE LEADER.

As an acknowledgement of #REAL GREATNESS, I hearby endorse The Winning Ticket of ...


Let the roleplay begin.

@😷just_box😷 #PowerToTheLoudest

@Omenomen White lives matter!


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