How Trump lost the Pacific and all maritime dominance of the US. A grotesque story

Posted by: Adrian88


Before we go into detail: Here are some numbers that indeed should worry anybody that still thinks Trump has a hand for economics and "deals". He has not. He is about to loose 71 % of the earths surface: the seas

A)80% of global trade is carried onboard ships
B) Two-thirds of container traffic passes through Chinese owned or invested ports
!!!Number of US flagged merchant ships: 87
!!! Number of Chinese flagged merchant ships: 3897

even if you reckon the ownership (including ships under a foreign country flag, but owned by US companies) the picture doesnt get much better.
worldshare in TEU (Twenty foot container equivalent)
US: 3,61 %
China: close to 10%

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In 1890, in his book The Influence of Sea Power, the great Alfred T. Mahan wrote about an era of technological change and believed that, despite these changes, the importance of sea power remained unchanged. Mahan also believed that a strong merchant marine was as important to seapower and maritime influence as a nation’s naval might. Yet in 2020 only China, by investing heavily in shipbuilding and commercial shipping operations, is following the Mahanian doctrine. The United States Navy may still have the most powerful fleet of warships ever but there remain only 82 US flagged merchant ships in international trade while China has 3,897!
So while the Navy has announced an aggressive multi-trillion dollar plan to meet the “threat from china” by increasing the size of the US Naval fleet to over 500 ships, and has invested heavily in maritime digital products, the money is all flowing through defense contractors. Very little is entering the commercial side where it could help fix the Manhanian imbalance and assist us flagged commercial interests.



and it goes on:
worldshare of ship BUILDING:
US: 0,35 %
China: 40,07 %

And here comes the worst part:
Amongst the biggest 30 shipping companies there is ONE minor US company.
Hawaiian Matson. Inc. Marketshare: 0,3 %.
The first big 5 are these:

they make nearly 65% of sea trade ALONE. 4 European and COSCO from China.

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@Adrian88 Matson is Nr. 27



We haven't owned the pacific since W. Bush's failure to win over ASEAN and Obama did nothing to stop the influence and bullying of a surging China.

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@MPA2000 Are you deaf? I just told you that Obama developed the TPP and you just post he didnt do a thing. Can you read? did you get it? TRUMP ruined it and China is laughing about Trump all day long, maaaaan----
And: What do you mean by "win" over the Asean states???
You win against a competitor with better products , services and atrategy . In ALL the US failed. And Trump is the BIGGEST failure.
Being loud, dumb and offensive is NOT a strategy.


@Adrian88 Deaf? I can hear you speaking on here? LMAO!!!



And just for fun.....Number of Greek flag merchant ships 4,746 vessels

World-share in TEU:

Greece 16.71%

Oops smiley smiley smiley smiley

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Very interesting facts Adrian. thank u for the info! I am not an economist understanding macroeconomy but i don't think the us counts on emporium in this sense. After all the biggest part of the pie of welth is concetrated around the us. Meaning why should not the rich chineese get there. So if the welth is there and the ppl are not wealthier in analogical sizes then the state doesn't care of securing it's viability through the traditional economical thinking of a person that has to face winter and gathers supplies. I think as far as $ exists, the ways the us developed to forse it's use is more viable for the americans. So...are guns more profitable than sandals? Are they safer? Is petrol cheaper than dry fish? I would like to have a second life studing economical theories some time but i don't have so i count to ppl explain these things to me. So is getting back the factories from abroad a measure of reassuring a better standard for the ppl or is a matter of prestige and security? This i also don't understand.
Read more

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@Nasos So after a smoke, i been thinking to continue my thougts.
In what i havn't studied, the economics, are tools of manipulating the capital flood. As Aristotle said once :"dos mi pa sto ke ta gan kiniso" meaning give me the right tool and i will move the earth. This in plain talking is like give me a long stick to put on a stone and under a big, like Earth, object and i will move it without difficulty. I think the tools of manipulating the capital are the focus on the macroeconomical competition. This what we never know how they achieve it. Is it usign us as lamps blinded by propaganda or is it the mechanisms of banking that assure the economy the way it is. Um! China is using the same system still as the whole of the world. I am so curious watching the game of banking sending the ball with force on our heads from the west and from the east.....



The US has the largest navy fleet world wide with soon 500+ ships.
The US has 23 naval Bases in Overseas countries all over the world.
China has ONE in Djibouti and that one is under UN anti piracy program.

Currently China is building around 68 new ports, upgrading 90 and somehow else investing in 150 harbours worldwide.

Trumps idiotic preference for playing with canon boats will turn out to be a major threat to the US.

The US is not part of seaborn trade anymore, it plays ZERO role in Ship construction (exception: military)- It still plays a major role in offshore drilling and oil/gas exploration, but even that is shrinking in two digit steps.

The rulers of the seven seas are red and blue. Not the US flag. Red for China and blue for the European Union.
These are the colours of the future anyway b.t.w.
If you decide to reelect the senile walking talking embarassment:
I will buy a sailing boat and grin all day long.



This clip we produced on that very topic gives ya a glimpse of how far the Chinese went.



The TPP originally contained a lot of investment in Sea Trade.It would have helped the US to maintain control over Pacific trade routes and influence on Pacific Partners. Thaks to Donny all went downhill.
China took their chance. In 2016 roughly 38 countries were in the BRI project.
As of today it is a whopping 138 countries. Each of them has a bilateral economic agreement with China. While Donny the orange idiot proposes isolation and his dumbo supporters cheer that, China bets on generous cooperation.
China already has won.



How Trump ruined everything
Obama saw it coming. He and his advisors knew that the Chinese world wide Infrastructure Investment program "Belt and Road Iniative" (also: New Silk Road) had the potential of shifting the balance of power towards China.
On Obamas Initiative a COUNTER PROGRAM calles TPP (Trans-PAcific PArtnership)
was organized after YEARS of work. It was THE ONLY program the would be able to dam CHINESE investments worldwide.
Participants amongst others were:
Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States
It NEVER entered into force. Because the orange idiot in his second day in the White house withdrew the US signature. Not for any good reason. Just it had the smell and handwriting of Obama on it.
HERE the worldwide decline of the US for the next 4 years started.


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