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Posted by: Dr.Evil

I want to make site's home page better. Maybe it's better to show top posts instead of new posts? Or show top 10 posts at the top and then list new posts below?

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top expert

The really good ones. Usually they disappear from the leaderboard after 24 hours. I have often thought that they should have a longer life.

Let them live longer, otherwise - when a new day begins - there might be something average with three points.


top expert

I think the top ten would be great, and then the rest smiley



I think a nice photo that represents what awaits inside should grace the homepage.

May I suggest:


smiley smiley

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Top 10 on which basis? Upvotes or comments? Because it seems to me that the most commented articles attract attention

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@JudgeDredd Whatever works best ideally, as long as you can still see the new posts and give them a chance to be in the top 10 too. That said, comments often go off on a tangent with little or no relevance to the actual post.



Top 10 and then new posts would be good. smiley

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@SimonM What if the top posts where on a crawl along the top of the page, like the ticker at the bottom of the screen on news broadcasts?


@Middleman I wouldn't like that, I prefer the text to be static.


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