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Health Officials Whine That So Many People Want to Kill Them

Posted by: James1Henry
James1Henry_1106_Screen_Shot_2020-09-15_at_3 Anthony Fauci is the most concerned man who ever lived in history. All he wants to do is help people.

The claim that “health officials are facing threats because they’re trying to help people” assumes that it is impossible for anyone to ever do anything for any purpose other than the one they’ve stated.

Surely, it is possible for someone to do something bad while claiming to have good intentions?

And surely, they aren’t getting death threats because people are against helping others?

Business Insider :



The virus agenda is political.

The health officials will not admit it is political, because they are being paid not to admit that.

So of course, there is going to be a backlash.

Pretending that there is a backlash “against helping others” is confusing and it’s a lie.


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