Hairless dog with no teeth named third ugliest pet in the WORLD…

Posted by: SimonM


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It has some competition..



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@SimonM Hohoho. I spontaneously reached for my water pistol (filled with holy water).


@DonDillermand I'm not sure that would work on a all of them smiley


@SimonM smiley smiley smileyROFL ROFL ROFL
maaaaaaaaaaaaaan GREAT!
uuuuhhoooo the Lord has a weird humor....
smiley smiley smiley smiley


@Adrian88 I love the moody looking little black one at the bottom. smiley


@Adrian88 Not the Lord - those are human creations!!!

God created the naked mole rat.



The one chewing it’s hind leg off looks like it might have been subjected to the anti virus from Resident Evil smiley


top expert

if THAT is Nr.3...who is Nr.1?

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@Adrian88 I don't know, how much uglier can it get smiley smiley


top expert

This lil fellow is a Titicaca frog, also called "scrotum frog"
guess why...

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@Adrian88 "Scrotum Frog"? smiley smiley smiley

Is that nbachorns new nickname?


@Adrian88 Pretty boy! Does it eat nuts? smiley


top expert


IT`s supposed to be a cat. somehow


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