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Germany braced for more protests against coronavirus policies | World news | The Guardian
Minister urges people not to join rallies that include conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and antisemites
Germany braced for more protests against coronavirus policies | World news | The Guardian

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uhhhhh yeah ...the idiots.
we (nearly) mastered the crisis quite well (mainly because our chancellor is a scientist, not an IDIOT) but hey, we have those too....
just far far LESS than the US
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My 70 year old neighbour died because Merkel invented the Virus and Bill Gates then bought the WHO which was run by alien leguans that in reality are chinese
flying pig-bats escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

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Hey Schrodinger, you will find even MORE stupid theories here.
This is a melting pot for Hill Billy theories
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@Adrian88 Straight question, why as Germany done so well over this, facts please?

@PureVodka🍺 Classic German efficiency, can fit 6 corpses into one hole, inherited skill set, counts as One smiley smiley


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