Furious mum slams Amazon delivery for 'ruining' six-year-old daughter's Christmas - Mirror Online

Journalist Joanna Lovell was distraught to return to her home with her daughter Jasmine to discover the pink and white Barbie ambulance she had ordered for Christmas was unwrapped on the doorstep
Furious mum slams Amazon delivery for 'ruining' six-year-old daughter's Christmas - Mirror Online
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My Reply to the mom:
Dear Joanna,
You are a twat. When you create a multi-billion dollar company, you can decide how to ship products that are clearly marked as being sent without a box. Along those lines, any reasonable person would look through the entire listing before ordering. You were sent a notification the present arrived, and you got it a good 10 pounds cheaper than if you could have found it in the store. You also didn't pay anything for shipping, handling, or boxing up the item, so don't pretend like you deserved extra services beyond what is clearly stated in the listing. If you are unhappy with our services, we would be happy to close your amazon account and you can enjoy paying more for everything in the future.

Amazon customer service.

P.S. Barbie toys are gender binary in nature and will not teach your child about the confusing future of people deciding what kind of gender they want to be. They are also sexist and create an unrealistic model of what white girls should look like. ...
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@1o1o1 P.S. Haven't checked your info again it seems. Barbies of different color have been around for many years. It has always been a glamor doll for girls who wanted to play with such toys. Most don't want a raggedy ann who lives in a cardboard box with unstyled hair....


@oldshuntr Lol. The girl in the article is white, so I may have erroneously assumed, pointedly, that mommy dearest would get her a white barbie/white barbie accessories. My sister had white and black barbies growing up because they both came cheap from the second-hand store smiley


Dumbass Mom, always in a hurry. She has the funds to spend or she would have learned the hard way by now. I've sold on ebay for years now and it amazes me what people do not take the time to read. They just look at the pretty pictures....


People run to the tabloids over the most stupid of things these days

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