Former CIA Chief Said He "hopes we can be friendly in dealing with other creatures if they exist"

James Woolsey, CIA director under Bill Clinton, on Friday said that he had a new "openness" to the possibility of alien life, and told how a source he respected said his plane was stopped at 40,000ft.

Former CIA Chief Said He

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Friendly? Seeing the animosity with which we treat our own, I would say that is highly unlikely smiley

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@JudgeDredd I doubt we, as a species will want to make contact until we know we can kill them and eat them. The Chinese will most likely want their genitals as a new delicacy..


@SimonM smiley You are not wrong. Curiously, when your enemy becomes your food, any pessimistic notions of technological inferiority go out of the window and the battle cry becomes "la comida" smiley


@JudgeDredd Read my mind almost word for word what I was gonna post. smiley


@Toonaholic Great minds think alike smiley smiley


top expert

Well, being a former CIA director obviously does not protect you from Alzheimer or dementia. No surprise. In the end Ronny Reagan believed in green planes full of buffalos on the moon....

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