'Fireball' meteorite contains pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds


'Fireball' meteorite contains pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds

'Fireball' meteorite contains pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds

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Aaaaaahhhhh, they will put the genetic compounds in a nucleus and hatch it. So many films have addressed this. The Andromeda Strain will grow and kill us all!
Didn't they see that? Will they ever learn?

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@🎄DonRobusto🎄 Good flick, freaked me out pretty good as a kid. Holds up after nearly 50 years. dosmovies.com/film/The_Andromeda...


@Bread&Circuses Me too. I still have very vivid memories. The sound of the green stuff growing. Shudder!
Or when someone tried to escape from the station through a central shaft and was shot at with laser beams. Unforgettable.


@🎄DonRobusto🎄 The clips of the monkey dying, this is not one of those :


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