Ex-model Tracy Dixon Won Case Involving Cop Who Used Police Helicopter to Record Her Sunbathing Nude in Her Garden


A former model who was spied on by a peeping Tom cop who captured her naked from a police helicopter has won a legal battle against the British police force, according to a report.

Tracy Dixon, 54, claimed the South Yorkshire police invaded her privacy and caused her distress when they refused to disclose how often she had been spied on in her garden by Adrian Pogmore, the Mirror reported.

The 54-year-old officer captured her naked using the chopper, which was equipped with a camera capable of reading a license plate from two miles away.

She sued Pogmore — described in court as “a swinging and sex-obsessed air observer” — who was jailed for a year in 2017 and dismissed from the force, according to the news outlet.

He admitted four charges of misconduct in public office by using the helicopter for “sexual spying.”

The agency now said it has come to a settlement with Dixon but refused to say if she would be paid the full £200,000 — about $269,000 — she was demanding.

“All parties are bound under the confidentiality schedule relating to these proceedings,” the police department said in a statement. “All criminal, civil and misconduct proceedings have concluded.”

Dixon previously called Pogmore a “taxpayer-funded pervert.”

“While he was flying around for his own sexual kicks criminals were on the run,” she said, adding that they attended the same school and she was worried that he had been “secretly watching me, stalking me, following me for decades.”

She added: “I have no faith or trust in the police any more. It was a complete and utter violation of my privacy. I feel sick to know that it took place.”

The disgraced former cop had also used the helicopter to film a couple having sex on their patio and another couple naked by their trailer, the Mirror reported.

Ex-model Tracy Dixon Won Case Involving Cop Who Used Police Helicopter to Record Her Sunbathing Nude in Her Garden

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Being a Judge certainly has its perks. I wonder how many times the video evidence was put under scrutiny prior to rendering a decision smiley

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@JudgeDredd Haaaa hahaha smiley smiley
that reminds me of my funniest case of all times. See below



I remember when she was a Page 3 girl in The Sun newspaper, She used to do a lot of glamour stuff too back in the day before women shaved their welcome mats.


senior guru

I think I saw that on Blue Thunder 35+ years ago. smiley

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@Bread&Circuses Actually, working for Aviation Safety did have its perks. I have almost a dozen such videos from helicopter cameras, which for obvious reasons I cant post. Having said that, I did find the only safe one to post on Youtube (of all places). Its safe as the footage is on an IR camera and as such you cant see faces or any distinctive features. That's not the fun part though. The fun part are the pilot conversations about it, as the "event" was caught during a night time military training exercise. I will let you hear the rest....believe me its worth it smiley smiley

Just press "Watch on YouTube" to be redirected


top expert

Working as a public prosecutor during trainee lawyer time i had this case:
A young man was very frustrated that his girlfriend left him. His rather not-so-smart way to cope with it was to send her selfies of his genitals in all states of ..ehm...being.
Not once or twice, but literally hundreds of times. SHE was NOT impressed AT ALL. As soon as the guy decided it was a good idea to let her boss and collegues know about his penis, she filed a complaint.

So far, so bad. The court (Amtsgericht) of Nürtingen (a quite small and provincial town close to Stuttgart) was home to me. I knew all judges, flirted with the secretaries and most of the criminal cases were small ones: drunk driving, a pub fight, minor drug cases and so on. Province.

So the case was Nr.3 (of 8 that day) and the Judge was the "Iron Lady".
For some reason she liked me doing the cases, she said the girly other trainee lawyers were too "girly and not tough enough". She said i was looking like i was born for that. (ME!! a LIBERAL)That was one of the greatest career compliments i ever got.
Read more

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@Adrian88 smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley Served him right


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