Error 502 - Bad gateway Does anyone experience a similar problem?

The second night (German night, MEZ / CET / UTC + 1h) in a row I have the following problem when I call up or refresh the site:
It takes a few minutes, then it works again. It can then take up to a minute for the site to load.
It goes on for a couple of hours. Does any of you have the same problem?

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Some strange server issues that we can't currently solve.

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@Dr.Evil Thanks for the information.


senior guru

Yes. This, too, shall pass. Probably sooner rather than later. smiley

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@Bread&Circuses Let's see what happens tomorrow night.
smiley Doc probably didn't pay his fees again. smiley

Or @System has ADHD.


@🎄DonRobusto🎄 So as I recall my understanding of the last such occurrence, it was an outside force attacking us. I think it ended with a domain change. I could be wrong about that. We shall see. Dr. Evil has skills, I have faith.


@Bread&Circuses Sounds exciting! This is blockbuster material. smiley
Zedra has activated his bot network and Doc is going to spank him. I will report on it exclusively.


@🎄DonRobusto🎄 DrEvil got in touch and said there is something strange in the devices. It's getting better by the minute. Strange - you know what that means - he's got a phantom in his machine!


And with the note "that we can't currently solve" he has indicated that several forces have been entrusted with the solution. His troops were dispatched to retake the main processor. smiley

I can't wait to see how it goes from here.


top expert


This one gets me every time smiley



It's as if the sites bandwidth is getting throttled, or your servers were loaded down with requests. Seems to be working better today.



It always happens when I try to post a comment



Yes it's been happening to me for a few days so I have had to watch stuff elsewhere. smiley smiley

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@manditoe me too.


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