Donald Trump has international support.

Posted by: Buttless

A Trump rally outside the parliament building in Wellington, New Zealand.

Security out-numbered demonstrators.

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I count at least six demonstrators, Stop the Steal !



I see the Dems are getting a bit worried that only a handful of the Old Paedo Sniffer and legs akimbo supporters actually turning up(as usual) so they've bussed in 30,000+ armed supporters!!!! smiley smiley smiley smiley

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@redhitchy Delusional idiocy is all to common with you people.


@RingCat What a retarded statement that was, TBH shouldn't really be too surprised though. so they haven't bussed in 30,000 NG troops to defend the most wanted & most voted for President in the modern history of US Politics?, all this is normal for your retarded mind is it?.



Still a bigger crowd than pedo joe has ever gotten.

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@DarthKira Ahh, the voice of imbecility.....


top expert

Thats what i like so much about New Zealand. Even the few idiots look relaxed.


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