Do you have an unrelated identical twin?

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I saw mine on TV a couple of years ago. He was in one of those Big Brother/Music Star reality shows. Identical not only in physique, facial characteristics and speech patterns, but in haircut as well. Spooky.

Only difference was the tattoos. He was covered in them.


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Back in the day when Breaking bad was all the rage, I had a more than a few remark on a passing resemblence to Walter White.

But I found it hard to see it.




I never got to meet my doppleganger, but I was mistaken for her by everyone from store clerks to men she dated, and even her own relatives one time. From what they said, we not only looked but spoke exactly alike. We even had the same profession.



I used to look like Patrick Flueger in my early 20's. That was before I had to start shaving my head to camouflage my 3" center parting.


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@Bread&Circuses ohohohoho


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